NANA – Episode One

Mayuyu: What do you mean, “These scripts need to be transcribed”?!

So as if it’s not obvious from our banner, our first project is the amazing (and long) series, Nana!

We chose this series because the only batch that has been released is a mix of two groups, and is also the TV release. You’ll find the DVD release has completely different ending animation, and the songs have been switched around. I’m sure there are more differences, but I really don’t know, to be honest. We’re both just so in love with this show, so we have to bring it to you!

Thanks to Ureshii, who did the first half of the series, and whose subs we’re using as a base. For a string of episodes in the middle, we have to switch to IY-F, but then it’ll be back to Ureshii.

Just a note: The default subtitle track uses syllable karaoke. However, this may cause lag for some of you. We’ve also included a subtitle track with line karaoke, so select the second track if you have issues or just prefer that style.

[Jinsei] NANA – 01 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [1592E45A].mkv – TorrentΒ  Β DDL

22 responses

      • I was talking about main dialogue (btw. OP and ED styling is actually pretty). I tried changing font size to 32 and reducing the outline (to like 1.6) and especially shadow (to 0.5) and to me it looked much better. but its your encode and your call…

      • Hm, okay. I think I’ll definitely reduce the outline and shadow. The only issue with making the font size too much larger is that the lines in this show can get pretty long. We really don’t want to introduce any 3-liners into the script. I’ll experiment a bit before we release episode 2. Thanks for the feedback!

      • No i’m ok.
        I just think the second subtitle track should be removed. I’m pretty sure everyone can play the first track without any problem. That’s not like we were in 1995.

        • Mm, it’s mostly a personal preference. Caly included two tracks because some people don’t like their kara with any effects at all. I agree that 99% of PCs should be able to handle it (especially at 480p) but we included the option anyway. If a lot of people don’t like it, Caly will look at just including one script, I’m sure. We’re happy to take feedback onboard.

    • Ever since the issues with Megaupload and Fileserve, etc, it’s hard to find a good, free filehosting site. If you know of one, let us know, and we’ll definitely include DDLs for all of our releases! πŸ™‚

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the current DDLs. If possible, try ULing to jumbofiles as it tend to get decent speeds, no DL limit, and no captchas. Thank you for the two tracks as well! :3

  1. hey there.
    thx for doing this. πŸ™‚
    having just one question. are you using the french dvd’s or the japanese dvd’s? wondering, cause of the different ending animations and the switching of the songs. πŸ˜‰

  2. man, it suks i watched nana 2 months ago. if i waited…. i could have picked up your version. thxs 4 doing this and definitely worth archiving my hachi….. hachi is mine. OwO

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