NANA – Episode Four

Calyrica: Kakkoiiiiiii~ ❤

For this episode, we finally start to hear about the other Nana’s backstory!

It’s kind of interesting, since she’s my favourite of the two Nanas, but Mayuyu likes the previous Nana better. Between the two of us, we love everyone in the show 100%!

The other thing special in this episode is that we get our first insert song! A pretty funny insight into our working process below. (This is actually an exact quote, though I cut some bits out.)

[9:19pm] Mayuyu: {Someone listen it… or we don’t sub this engrish song… weird }
[9:19pm] Calyrica: did they end up subbing it?
[9:19pm] Mayuyu: Not on this script
[9:19pm] Calyrica: maybe the official subs will have it
[9:19pm] Calyrica: if not… we’ll try to listen @_@
[9:20pm] Mayuyu: Mm, i’ll see if I can hear ny lyrics
[9:20pm] Mayuyu: oh god
[9:20pm] Mayuyu: it is pretty bad
[9:21pm] Calyrica: nope
[9:22pm] Calyrica: oooh, I think I found it
[9:23pm] Calyrica:
[9:23pm] Mayuyu: you rock
[9:24pm] Mayuyu: you reckon you can syl that?
[9:25pm] Calyrica: you’re talking to the kara queen~
[9:25pm] Mayuyu: I get ideas above my station sometimes
[9:25pm] Mayuyu: apologies, my queen
[9:25pm] Calyrica: not to be full of myself or anything
[9:25pm] Mayuyu: of course not
[9:25pm] Mayuyu: ^^

So if you like the song, it’s called “Zero” and you can find it here, track three on the album ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES) – (Limited Edition)!

[Jinsei] NANA – 04 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [39292046].mkv – TorrentDDL

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  1. It’s your fault, now I’m waiting episode 5 for tomorrow. BTW, again the CRC for this episode is different, I get 11226B1F.

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