NANA – Episode Eight

Mayuyu post = Hachi release pic

So, this episode was pretty funny. Almost as funny as finding out Caly had no idea who Vivienne Westwood or the Sex Pistols were. I mean fair enough, one’s a designer and that, but the other is one of the most important bands ever known. She’s led such a sheltered life.

Just for reference: Pretty Vacant, see if you can spot the guy that Ren stole his entire image from.

Also, we placed our trust in the Ureshii translation for the lock Nana gives to Ren. She says なんきんじょう (nankinjou) which roughly translates into padlock. I think they must have rolled with ‘Nanking jou’ which yeah, would mean Nanking lock. Nanking is a pretty touchy subject for the japanese.

See you next time for another round of ‘Pop References with Mayuyu’!

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