NANA – Episode Eleven Point Five

Don’t be fooled guys, this is the face of a TEMPTRESS

So, the show’s ongoing obsession with cowboy hats continues.

This one’s a recap episode, but in the usual anime tradition, it’s actually a pretty useful summarisation of all that’s come before. Since we’ve been releasing at a decent rate, most of this stuff will be fresh in your mind, but during airing this was 11 weeks into the show’s run. It also sets us up nicely for episode 12, which is a pretty big one.

(Edit: We ARE looking into the ‘issues’ with previous episodes, Ep 6 in particular seems to be a bit buggy. If you find the episode hanging when you try and play it, skip a second or so into it and it’ll play fine from that point. Obviously once we’ve fixed whatever it is that’s going wrong, the updated files will be used in the half season batch. Keep telling us if you encounter any further issues with playback)

[Jinsei] NANA – 11.5 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [6D264B53].mkv – TorrentDDL

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