NANA – Episode Twelve

Nana falls victim to Hachi “Rohypnol” Komatsu

Back to the story and boom, what an episode. I still have no idea whatsoever why they insist on referring to the bartender by his full name, maybe it’s a crazy social convention that I’m not privvy to. Oh, Japan.

In other news, Hachi’s sister comes in looking like a bit of a mutant this episode. She’s actually bang up to date with a fashion that was popular around the time (round 2000-ish) named 顔黒 (Ganguro). This basically involved plastering on as much fake tan as humanly possible and dying their hair bright blondes and oranges. Apparently it was a sort of protest fashion since it’s the polar opposite of what japanese girls tend to look like (Pale skin, dark hair). Thankfully it’s mostly died out now because I can think of nothing that kills a boner more.

[Jinsei] NANA – 12 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [A6A394C7].mkv – Torrent DDL

Calyrica edit: So sorry for the “lateness” of this episode. We’re having some slight issues with the distro server, but I think it’s been sorted by now.

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