NANA – Episode Twenty-One

Nana wa kakkoi desu!

Today marks my last day as a student this semester! I’m teaching a class tomorrow and proctoring some exams next week, but summer has pretty much begun for me. Which… doesn’t a damned thing in terms of Jinsei, since we do daily releases as it is.

The next episode is the recap episode, 21.5, and we’re working to put together a half-batch after episode 23. For the half-batch, we’ll remux episode 6, and put the correct CRCs in for episodes 3 and 4. So while only the filename is changing for episodes 3 and 4, episode 6 will be a completely different file entirely.

[Jinsei] NANA – 21 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [DF388D8C].mkv – TorrentDDL


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  1. Thanks so much for the daily releases, you guys are awesome.

    Btw, just to let you know. On the 20th episode somewhere around 16:20, it has a similar glitch as the previous episodes you’re planning to re-release. If you could look into the 20th episode as well, it’d be great. Thanks again!

    • Hey hey,

      Thanks for the heads up. Playing the episode back, I can’t find any issue using MPC-HC and my LAV filters for playback. What happens during playback that glitches for you? And what software are you using? I’ll try and replicate your setup and see if I can reproduce the problem on my PC.

      • I don’t know what problems others might have been having, but with me it just stops playing the video. For example; with the 20th episode, right at 16:24, it suddenly stops playing as if the video simply ends there. I end up having to replay the video and skip right through that part for about 10 seconds in for it to continue playing. Some other episodes showed the same problem as well. I fast-forwarded through and found them: Episode 3 – at 10:50 and Episode 4 – at 10:00. I use VLC 2.0.1 btw. I know most people tend to look down on this player, but I’ve never had any problems with it so far and this is a first for me. Thanks so much for looking into it! I’ll make sure to keep checking back for follow-up.

        • Okay, so, in my humble opinion, there are three things that can possibly cause the file to not play correctly: The video itself, the script, or the .mkv container. I suspect it’s likely to be the latter, and that something went wrong during the mux.

          I’ve done a fresh mux and uploaded it for you to test. It’s exactly the same as the episode 20 you already have in terms of the raw used and the scripts attached, it’s just muxed on my machine as opposed to Caly’s. I downloaded VLC 2.0.1 and it managed to play past 16:24 without any problems for me. If you download the vid here:

          and give it a try, let me know if the same issue occurs. If it DOES occur, try playing the video without subtitles enabled, and see if that helps at all. If the error is still happening after a fresh mux and subtitles disabled, I’ll look at doing a re-encode of the video itself.

          I hope you don’t mind being the beta tester for this! I know a few others have experienced similar issues with the other episodes you mentioned, and I myself experienced issues with episode 6. I’d love to get the problem identified for the half batch so people can update their files with a nice new v2 version.

          Actually, whilst you’re being super helpful to us, could you also rate the performance of Jumbofiles? I’m considering using them as the new DDL host in the future. Did you get a good download speed, no hassle, etc?

          • Uhm… To tell you the truth, I couldn’t even download the test video you uploaded for me. I don’t recommend Jumbofiles at all. It keeps redirecting me to a download manager site called iLivid, and even when I went along with it and installed the program, I still couldn’t download the video. It really is a huge hassle and I couldn’t even get it to work. Have you guys tried Rapidshare? It’s one of the few good DDL sites left. It doesn’t make you wait and downloads with excellent speeds. I could also recommend Depositfiles; links don’t seem to turn out dead very quickly there. I’ve also heard of Bayfiles, but I never tested it out so I don’t really know how it is.
            I don’t mind helping out at all! We get to watch the show thanks to you guys, it’s the least I could do to help fix a few small problems. Sorry I couldn’t get to check the video; if you can upload it somewhere else I’ll be happy to check it for any similar problems.

  2. Hello again guys – I did download the test Nana #20 ok from jumbofiles but it might have been easier for me: being a paranoid linux type my nightly build of firefox is stuffed full of script blockers, advert killers, etc, so it’s pretty much impossible to redirect me, annoy me with popups, etc. My impression of jumbofiles was just “meh”: no better or worse than any of the other post-megaupload sites out there (they are all pretty terrible to be honest, especially the russian hosted ones). One point in their favour: no irritating google recaptcha to fill in. Speed was bearable at approx 100Kbps, reasonably consistently. They didn’t even seem to try redirecting or otherwise messing with me according to my firebug console logs although I did have to temporarily whitelist a fair amount of javascript cross site requests (that’s normal for almost every site though: I’ve had to allow seven on this site just to see your pics and be able to fill in this form).

    Anyway, what should be the checksum for the test file of ep 20? I’ve got: CF9FED5E

    I’m a little bit behind on the show now but will hopefully finish catching up again tonight and will report back with how I got on with the files and potential glitches later. I certainly don’t mind helping out with getting to the bottom of the issue(s) – did you ever do a memtest on the encoding/muxing machines? Also, what versions of software are YOU using, particularly the mkv muxing tool?

    Thanks again for continuing the show at such speed, I haven’t had any problems since ep 6 so far and am really enjoying it. Also impressed by how quickly and well you respond to feedback: I can think of numerous fansub operations that would have simply ignored, ridiculed or deleted any non-sycophantic viewers criticisms.

    Sterling work my friends, keep it up :]

    • Hey again!

      Thanks for the Jumbofiles feedback. As you’ve already pointed out, finding a decent host after the MU implosion is a bit of a trial. I’m not fussed about getting money for downloads or anything like that, we don’t really have server costs per se, so I’m happy to stick with the best solution for the downloaders. I’ll carry on shopping around a bit and see if we can’t find a happy medium somewhere.

      Your CRC for the test file is correct by the way, if you want to use that one as your archived episode then your copy paste filename would be:

      [Jinsei] NANA – 20 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [CF9FED5E]

      If it works for everyone then I’ll include the file in the batches as a v2, you brave pioneers won’t have to bother redownloading though, huzzah!

    • I’m the one who has muxed all of the released files with the exception of the two episodes released this past Sunday, 15 and 16.

      I ran MemTest (had to have two concurrent instances. Damn you, Windows.) and no issues. The laptop I mux on was purchased about the third week of January, an i5 with 4GB RAM running 64-bit Windows 7. I wasn’t expecting that to be a problem.

      Since both I and the bot are the initial seeders on each torrent, the upload to the bot can’t be the issue, either. This was actually my first guess, since my internet cuts out very often and I have to resume the upload. I honestly have no idea what the problem could be – and I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, so you can bet I’ve considered a lot of things which could be the issue. None of them are.

  3. Ok, a quick Nana marathon, a few beers and a gravatar signup later, I report back with information on Nana episode 20. Firstly, I’m on 64-bit linux 3.2.0-24 so all tests were conducted on that, I can fire up windows/mac/whatever VMs for further researching if you think it would help but it’s probably unnecessary.

    Version 1 [DF388D8C] dies at 16:24 as pointed out by Alev above. It kills mplayer, mplayer2, vlc2.0.1, totem and everything else I threw it at. Version 2 [CF9FED5E] is absolutely fine though. Here’s the interesting bit though.

    Quoth the mplayer:

    [ac3 @ 0x7f1a7d0be300]frame CRC mismatch
    A: 983.9 V: 983.9 A-V: 0.000 ct: 0.000 0/ 0 2% 2% 1.5% 38 0
    [ac3 @ 0x7f1a7d0be300]new coupling strategy must be present in block 0
    [ac3 @ 0x7f1a7d0be300]error decoding the audio block
    [ac3 @ 0x7f1a7d0be300]frame sync error

    I’ve snipped a lot of extra verbosity out, you don’t want a complete mplayer backtrace after all. This told me that the AC3 audio track is broken: I demuxed it from the mkv and tried again and sure enough, although there is still a ~3 second video tracl glitch at 16:24-27 during playback, none of the players dumped it any more.

    So, what to make of this? You’ve memtested and Calyrica not only has a pretty solid laptop but has a computer engineering degree (sorry Mayuyu, you haven’t volunteered details but you’re obviously not an idiot either, quite the opposite: I’m going to presume you’re fully competent too!) so you’re not likely to be making any amateur mistakes. I would guess that either:

    [A] Your source raws are bad. I think this is unlikely, as a quick remux wouldn’t fix it.
    [B] Your encoding/muxing software is glitchy. Perhaps you are simply triggering a bug in your versions? It could be a very subtle combination of factors including library corruption, specific input file parameters or a million other things.

    I would recommend either a complete purge/reinstall of your chosen tools, or if possible, use a VM technology you’re familiar with to install bracketed (i.e., the previous, current and next beta) versions of your chosen tools on a snapshotted system and do re-encodes/muxes of ep.20 in succession and compare the output files for checksums and playback results.

    I’d be more than happy to help out with this or indeed anything else that you think might help you get to the bottom of it. I won’t ramble on any more as lecturing a computer engineer on bug testing procedures is probably not a good idea :]

    PS: wordpress has mangled Mayuyu’s kindly provided replacement title for v2 of ep.20 above by changing a short hyphen to a long hyphen… whilst still valid of course, for the unwary who might be copying and pasting it straight onto their v2 file to rename it it will break the file order in their file manager. It should be (complete with extension):

    [Jinsei] NANA – 20 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [CF9FED5E].mkv

    Ok, here ends my report! Hope it’s some help.

    Thanks again guys, and I look forward to the rest of the series.


    • A wonderfully comprehensive breakdown there! It’s interesting that the audio should bug out since we do literally nothing to the track the entire time aside from naming it at mux.

      Personally, I’m using the latest version of the mkvmerge GUI (Since I’m allergic to command line interfaces :P) which at the time of writing is 5.5.0, I believe. I can’t say what Caly’s using, but I know it’s the same program, so maybe an earlier version? I’m not doing anything differently during the muxing process, so we could probably pinpoint the issue down to her laptop. The whole CRC thing kinda flagged that maybe all was not well on her end. Now it’s just a process of finding out why there’s an issue.

      I’ll be remuxing and upping some episodes for testing (3,4 and 6) over the weekend, so if you don’t mind bug testing again (same goes for Alev if he’s reading) then we’ll love your forever. I’m assuming they are the only real offenders from the feedback we’ve received, if we’re missing any just holler. It’s more likely to happen tomorrow since my Saturday is mostly full up.

      Thanks again, this is a massive help.

  4. Damn wordpress shortcode API… they mangled my hyphen too. I have beer to drink and more anime to watch so I’ll have to leave em/en dash vs hyphens in wordpress formatting until another day. I have enough of that crap to deal with at work.

  5. Wow, all those reply comments look like they’re getting eating by a blackhole. Assume this one passed through a parallel universe and found itself as a new unthreaded comment.

    I got the episode 4 as well, and it works great. \(^o^)/ No dying whatsoever.

    • Mm, WordPress only lets comments go ten layers deep and even at ten layers it looks kinda kooky.

      So the final one to test is ep 3, and I’ve done the whole filename thing this time since copy pasting from WordPress is a bit derpy. If it works fine you won’t have to change a thing, just drop it into your NANA folder.

      Episode 3v2

      • Okay, that one works without any problems as well. Thanks so much for all the trouble, you’re amazing! ^_^ I’ll make sure to let you know if I encounter any problems in the future episodes.

  6. Arg, my turn for a “what the deuce!” moment… For some reason, even the things I do in my free time for relaxation always seem to turn super-technical somehow.

    I’m having no luck with at all: attempting to download ep.6v2 started off well enough with no stupid recaptcha and a reasonably steady ~200kbps and then I got cut off, as some download sites seem to do (I’m sure it’s completely intentional sometimes, but that’s another matter). After four failed attempts I fired up wireshark and logged the transfer but there’s nothing obviously wrong: it looks like the download is getting PMTUD black holed at some random point. As it’s a Sunday and I’m supposed to be enjoying catching up on anime I’m not in the mood to start messing around with MSS clamping particularly as yet again, this is the sort of stuff I get paid to do at work all week… *rolls eyes*

    I’m a torrent sort of guy anyway, so I’ll simply wait for the upcoming batch and will join in the seeding to help out – I’ve kept all the files and have a 60Mb fibre line so it seems only fair to help spread the love around a little. I’ll let you know if 6v2 works for me but as Alev has already said it works fine for her I’m sure your remux has fixed it.

    Thanks guys, keep it up!

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