NANA – Episode Twenty-One Point Five


So this is a recap episode. As such, there’s not much to say about it.

IN OTHER NEWS, however… Did you know that the bar, ‘Jackson Hole’, that the characters like to frequent was based on an actual bar in Tokyo, located at the southern entrance of the Chofu Station by Keio Line? Sato Koichi (who features in this ep) was actually the owner of the real life bar and the character is based on him. There were even Jackson Burgers on the menu. The bar moved to the northern entrance of the station in 2008, and is a hot destination for die-hard Nana fans.

I was going to use this post to let you guys in on some script comments made by the Ureshii editor regarding Hachi. I’ve changed my mind about posting any of the actual comments, but let’s just say he’s not a Hachi fan at all, and takes every opportunity to (quite explicitly) tell her just what he thinks of her on the scripts. Now, I’m all about the Hachi so this guy is like, my arch nemesis or something. I think everyone’s got their own take on all the crap that happens to the poor girl, and I’m of the opinion it’s not entirely her fault. She’s naive to the ways of the world, right? She has a very idealised view of romance (*coff* CALY *coff*) and she struggles to deal with the ups and downs because she’s had a sheltered upbringing.

Episode 22 pushes things along nicely, so stay tuned for that. We’re also saying goodbye to BitShare for DDLs, I wouldn’t really recommend them. I will be trialling Toucan Sharing next after a recommendation from another fansubber whose group have been using them for a while. As ever, feedback is not only welcome, it’s encouraged. A big thanks to Alev and mr meowski for helping us test a mux, and for rating DDLs.


Caly edit: So what if I have an idealised view of romance? You act like that’s a bad thing…


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