NANA – Episode Sixteen


Back on schedule now. Kinda. DDLs are being derpy at the minute, I’m trying to get them up to date and it should be sorted this weekend. I’ll probably change the DDL provider after the half season batch because BitShare have been less than impressive.

[Jinsei] NANA – 16 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [4DD8CAB3].mkv – Torrent DDL


NANA – Episode Fifteen

Hachi’s jealousy reaches unhealthy proportions

So yeah, back to releasing. Delays for a couple of reasons, neither of which are very glamourous or exciting. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

This episode features the return of Little Bo Peep Misato-chan, who you may or may not remember as the BLAST fan who gave Nana a jacket waaaaay back in episode…4? I think? Anyway, her seiyuu is pretty hnnng in this, I do enjoy the screentime she gets ^^

[Jinsei] NANA – 15 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [19B07A5E].mkv – Torrent DDL

NANA – Episode Fourteen

It may be Hachi’s story, but Nana is awesome!

Another insert song this episode! The song is “A Little Pain”, which was the first ED for the TV version. I’m guessing they’ll switch to it for the ending when (Snip! Edited out the SPOILER – Mayuyu), which will make a beautiful scene. In fact, it’s the scene where I first cried while watching NANA. Beautiful mix of visuals and sound and…

Oops! Don’t want to get too ahead of myself here. We’re still only on episode 14, after all!

[Jinsei] NANA – 14 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [F07C4C42].mkv – Torrent DDL

NANA – Episode Thirteen

Calyrica: “Was the English language always this annoying?”

So since I didn’t release the previous episode, this wasn’t mentioned, but the ending animation changed last episode, and is the same this episode. I don’t know about you, but I thought the super weird ending animation they started with in the first episode was quite unfitting. This one is so much more NANA-like, and also so much easier for me to shift the karaoke around. XD

We’re right on the heels of some drama! I’m dreading it, yet I can’t wait! What about you?

[Jinsei] NANA – 13 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [C13B3ECA].mkv – Torrent DDL (later)

NANA – Episode Twelve

Nana falls victim to Hachi “Rohypnol” Komatsu

Back to the story and boom, what an episode. I still have no idea whatsoever why they insist on referring to the bartender by his full name, maybe it’s a crazy social convention that I’m not privvy to. Oh, Japan.

In other news, Hachi’s sister comes in looking like a bit of a mutant this episode. She’s actually bang up to date with a fashion that was popular around the time (round 2000-ish) named 顔黒 (Ganguro). This basically involved plastering on as much fake tan as humanly possible and dying their hair bright blondes and oranges. Apparently it was a sort of protest fashion since it’s the polar opposite of what japanese girls tend to look like (Pale skin, dark hair). Thankfully it’s mostly died out now because I can think of nothing that kills a boner more.

[Jinsei] NANA – 12 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [A6A394C7].mkv – Torrent DDL

Calyrica edit: So sorry for the “lateness” of this episode. We’re having some slight issues with the distro server, but I think it’s been sorted by now.

NANA – Episode Eleven Point Five

Don’t be fooled guys, this is the face of a TEMPTRESS

So, the show’s ongoing obsession with cowboy hats continues.

This one’s a recap episode, but in the usual anime tradition, it’s actually a pretty useful summarisation of all that’s come before. Since we’ve been releasing at a decent rate, most of this stuff will be fresh in your mind, but during airing this was 11 weeks into the show’s run. It also sets us up nicely for episode 12, which is a pretty big one.

(Edit: We ARE looking into the ‘issues’ with previous episodes, Ep 6 in particular seems to be a bit buggy. If you find the episode hanging when you try and play it, skip a second or so into it and it’ll play fine from that point. Obviously once we’ve fixed whatever it is that’s going wrong, the updated files will be used in the half season batch. Keep telling us if you encounter any further issues with playback)

[Jinsei] NANA – 11.5 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [6D264B53].mkv – TorrentDDL

NANA – Episode Eleven

Took a picture of you in the shower. 57 likes on Facebook.

A little late in comparison to our previous episodes, but it’s out! I’ve spent a busy day watching Yakitate Japan and collecting all of the endings in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk 2. My apologies.

The next episode we will release is episode 11.5, the first episode of the three-part recap “Junko’s Room”. Episode 12 will be released afterwards, and we’ll be back to the series.

[Jinsei] NANA – 11 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [5D724C9A].mkv – Torrent DDL

NANA – Episode Ten

So cuuuuuute~

Nana starts to find her dreams coming true! It’s really a womderful scene. However, on Hachi’s side, a real Sachiko appears! Will she be a villain, or is she just unfortunately named?

[Jinsei] NANA – 10 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [9533F5F6].mkv – Torrent DDL