NANA – Episode Thirty-Five

Kegadoru moe

Lazy typesetting is lazy. I’m too tired to spend any time on it these days, apologies.

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NANA – Episode Thirty-Four


It’s not that I’m allergic to making release posts. I’m just not the one who muxes or uploads the episodes, so it only makes sense for Mayuyu to do the releases.

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NANA – Episode Thirty-Two

This is me.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been quite awesome so far, and even though I say “so far”, all I have left to do is to complete the bestiary. Oh, SquareEnix. You made me do this in Final Fantasy X and XII, too. Lame.

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The Takumi Factor

A want a good, clean fight gentlemen

So the Takumi debate rages on in the Jinsei channel. I stand by my declaration that he’s not in the wrong. In Episode 31 you saw him take pretty drastic measures when he found out what was going on with Hachi. At first you might think this is a bit of a dick move, but he’s the only damned person in this show who’s assertive enough to just do what he wants in a direct manner. Everyone else has their own agendas and they pussyfoot round issues or use others as proxies to achieve their aims. Not Takumi. Truth is, he knows how wishy-washy Hachi can be and he knows a sharp jolt is the only thing that will spur her into action. She’s hardly blameless here, and neither is Nobu. Both of them were so eager to satisfy their own needs, they didn’t wait until the dust had settled, and the last episode (and the next) are the consequences of that. I’m not saying Takumi’s a saint, far from it… the greatest aspect of this show is how multi-dimensional everyone is. Hold back before you condemn him.

Anyway, the ACTUAL reason for this post was to let you know there’ll be a lull in releasing. I’ve just started a new job so free time is at a premium right now. We could probably pick up the pace again when we get back to the Ureshii scripts (Episode 37 onwards), but whilst I’m transcribing again, the process is slower, especially since I’m dog tired when I arrive home.

Thanks for flying with Air Jinsei!

NANA – Episode Twenty-Nine

Evil mastermind or misunderstood romantic? YOU DECIDE

We were having this conversation on vent the other night (we only talk on vent when I’m drunk, so you can imagine the kind of conversation it was for the most part), and I brought up the subject of Takumi. Now, I take a very practical approach to relationships and people and it occurred to me that up til this point, apart from being a little amorous, Takumi hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Sure, he has all the emotional development of a teenager, but I don’t think he knows any other way to treat women. He hasn’t cheated on Hachi, and he’ll see her whenever she wants him to (provided his schedule allows it). Being a super busy rock star, I think this is the most she could hope for in a relationship with him.

With this in mind, is Hachi actually to blame? I guess it depends on how much responsibility you think she takes in sorting her own life out. She’s obviously very, very (very very) high maintenance, but she’s also been treated badly very recently. Lest we forget, it was after hitting rock bottom that she instigated this thing with Takumi. Now that things are going a little better for her, she wants out. That’s pretty selfish, but at the same time, understandable.

This is such an awesome show, no one is completely innocent. Oh, apart from Naoki šŸ˜€

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