Rest In Peace MCA (Adam Yauch)


So today Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away after a three year battle with cancer. This was pretty crappy for me on a personal level, as the Beasties were a big hip-hop/rock crossover band for me, and they turned me on to a lot of great hip-hop acts. As well as being a top-notch MC, he also directed a lot of the Beasties’ music videos and founded an independent film company, Oscilloscope Pictures. This guy contributed so much to popular culture it’s unbelievable. He was also a Buddhist, and he was involved in the Tibetan independence movement and organized the Tibetan Freedom Concert. It’s a real fucking shame cancer took him at the age of 47. He had a lot left to give.

Cancer is a real shitter of a disease and it’s sadly becoming more and more common. If nothing else, MCA’s passing puts my own life into some sort of perspective. This guy did all he could to follow his dreams and achieved an incredible amount in his (relatively short) lifespan. I can’t honestly say I’ve put as much effort into realising my ambitions as he did.

RIP MCA, you’ll be missed.

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  1. Pretty sad to pass away that early, so much left to do.. cancer is becoming more common, it’s definitely our shitty society that’s to blame, we’re all being poisoned one way or another and if you’re unlucky..

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