NANA – Episode Forty-Four

Nana and Reira getting married? Awesome!

Only three episodes left of Nana! I’m so sad our first project is ending. How about you?

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NANA – Episode Forty-Two

Oh, here’s a release pic for you. Reira ❤

So I made a new account for my MMO and everything and I’m having so much fun playing two characters at once. It’s challenging and my PC hates me for it, but I feel like I’m getting so much done–

Oh, right, fansubbing. Well, here’s another episode for you! That’s something, right?

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NANA – Episode Thirty-Nine


Looked at the lineup for the Summer 2012 anime season, thoroughly underwhelmed. A few sequels I want to watch but nothing that stands out as much as, say, Sakamichi no Apollon or Uchuu Kyoudai do this season. Meh.

Things are heating up for Nana, BLAST are about to be launched into the spotlight. How will they cope?


NANA – Episode Thirty-Eight


As you can see, releases are getting faster again, thanks to Ureshii scripts saving the day again. Hopefully, we’ll release quickly through the end of the series like this ep.

On Monday, I begin teaching again! I’m very excited about it. And to ease your concerns, I can say with full confidence that it will not affect our release schedule.

And now, I’ve been told that I’m being taken on an adventure by a friend in my university’s anime club. We’ll see how this goes. 😀

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NANA – Episode Thirty-Six Point Five

Actually quite useful

It’s a recap.

In other news, congrats to the real life Mayuyu who finished second in this year’s AKB Senbatsu Elections. She was never going to beat Yuko, but it was pretty close with her and Yukirin. I don’t think Aki P has decided which of them will be the future face of AKB if I’m honest.