Last Friends – Episode One v2

Caly is happy!~

v2 finally released.

Mayuyu’s still taking a haitus from fansubbing, but he’s allowing me to release solo fansub projects under the Jinsei name! I’ve decided to start with Last Friends, a J-drama that’s absolutely fantastic. The current releases out there are either 480p hardsub or standalone .ass files which I can’t even consider to be timed, nor in English. (I’ve used those .ass files as the base for these subs.)

I know we have a lot of Nana fans out there, as that’s our first series. One of the reasons why I picked Last Friends is because it is extremely similar to Nana. Both shows are about two women who, through a twist of fate, end up living together and supporting each other throughout their serious relationship issues. There are even complete character parallels:

Hachi –> Michiru
Nana –> Ruka
Takumi –> Sousuke
Shin –> Eri
Reira –> (someone whom we don’t see in this ep, so no spoilers)
Misato –> Takeru

Okay, so maybe some of this is a stretch, but it’s a just such a good show! It won awards in Japan and everything.

File size is huge, but it’s not my fault. I don’t encode, and I don’t have a good enough connection to, anyway. These are raws I found on the internet.

[Jinsei] Last Friends (1280×720 DivX) [9C7F8560].mkv Torrent

(No DDL because eps are over 1GB in size.)