Last Friends – Episode One v2

Caly is happy!~

v2 finally released.

Mayuyu’s still taking a haitus from fansubbing, but he’s allowing me to release solo fansub projects under the Jinsei name! I’ve decided to start with Last Friends, a J-drama that’s absolutely fantastic. The current releases out there are either 480p hardsub or standalone .ass files which I can’t even consider to be timed, nor in English. (I’ve used those .ass files as the base for these subs.)

I know we have a lot of Nana fans out there, as that’s our first series. One of the reasons why I picked Last Friends is because it is extremely similar to Nana. Both shows are about two women who, through a twist of fate, end up living together and supporting each other throughout their serious relationship issues. There are even complete character parallels:

Hachi –> Michiru
Nana –> Ruka
Takumi –> Sousuke
Shin –> Eri
Reira –> (someone whom we don’t see in this ep, so no spoilers)
Misato –> Takeru

Okay, so maybe some of this is a stretch, but it’s a just such a good show! It won awards in Japan and everything.

File size is huge, but it’s not my fault. I don’t encode, and I don’t have a good enough connection to, anyway. These are raws I found on the internet.

[Jinsei] Last Friends (1280×720 DivX) [9C7F8560].mkv Torrent

(No DDL because eps are over 1GB in size.)

2 responses

  1. Glad to see the first episode out 🙂 What needed v2ing?

    As an aside, you can probably reduce the size of the raws by running them through megui with a less taxing preset, and lose little quality (if any at all). You don’t need a good internet connection to encode, and it’s pretty easy since there are a ton of guides out there. It’d be another string to your fansubbing bow!

    I’ll be grabbing this, and eagerly await future episodes. Not been on IRC since the warcraft expansion came out, guess what I’ve been doing instead of watching anime! I’m sure I’ll pop on at some point.

    • Mayuyuuuuu~!

      I forgot OP styles when I muxed the first time.

      You forget that I need a good internet connection to upload, which I really just don’t have. I think this is the largest of the eps, though. Things are going to slow down a bit with it, though, since Sapphi pulled me back into GotWoot and I’m working on like every show for her.

      Ah, so you’re MMOing it up, hm? I’ve just been fansubbing and AKBing it up as usual. Come say hi sometime though! New season started!

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