Last Friends – Episode Seven

Some people don’t deserve children.

Some pretty harrowing scenes this week. If the situation with Sousuke and the boy strikes a chord with you, you should check out a film called Dare Mo Shiranai (Nobody Knows) which was based on a real-life case of child abandonment from the 80s. The film is a little bit too long (in my opinion), but very moving and evocative.

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Last Friends – Episodes FIve and Six

Look at poor little indecisive Michiru!

As Maki promised, we have a double release for you today!

I have a summer class for the next five weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thus, I will only be able to release episodes on those two days. We’ll still work hard to get the episodes ready the rest of the week, though!

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No LF This Week


Caly’s out for Summer, which means she’s back on third world internet at home again. Long story short, she can’t upload the ep for release, so the next ep (which is finished, incidentally) will be released some time next week, when she’s able to abuse her ‘work’ bandwidth. We’ll try and have another double release ready for you or whatever.

Have a picture of Amy instead :3

Last Friends – Episode Four

Maki wanted a picture with drama.

I am officially done with school! However, I have not seen Maki in about 24 hours. We’ll see when 5 gets out, but hopefully soon! We’re also setting up the framework for our next project. A good friend of mine from FFF, KmE, will step in to help with timing and typesetting because he really wants to see us do BDs for it. We’ve talked about this project before, but I’ll leave it up to your guesses for now!

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