Last Friends – Special Episode

There are new scenes!

Here’s 90 minutes of totally-not-recaps! I mean, there are some few scenes! Like 20 minutes worth!

I actually think they did a really good job with the special. For one, they finally resolved a few of the loose ends with some of the characters. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate that?

There’s totally another special titled “Eri, My Love”, but it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the interwebs, and plus, we don’t have a translation for it, so we’re totally skipping it. That is, unless someone decides to find a raw and script for us…

Maki did a great job with his last post acknowledging everyone, but I’d like to add one more thanks — to him! He came back after I rage-stalled the project due to no QC and fucking up the first release. You’re the best ever! Come out of your haitus soon!

As for me, I’m in every group that exists, so you’ll surely see my work somewhere! (Evetaku, FFF, UTW, SHiN-gx, Sekushi, Sage, Whine, GotWoot…)

[Jinsei] Last Friends – Special Episode (1280×720 h264 AAC) [5D0FCD60].mkv Torrent