Nana is freelech at Animebytes!

As you know, our Nana torrents are mostly dead here due to lack of seeding capability on our part. However, if you’re a member of Animebytes, you may know that Nana is the Anime of the Fortnight. That means you can download our batch from an extremely well-seeded torrent, and it won’t count against your ratio!

You can grab it here if you have an account.

I do want to make note of something: everyone keeps citing the source of our subs, but not mentioning that we edited them. If you would do a side by side comparison of the scripts, you’ll see that there are severe changes in over half of the lines. Editing each episode was a major effort, so please don’t think that we just muxed the Ureshii scripts on Utsukushii’s encodes. We may have had daily releases for awhile, but a lot of work went into them!