About Us

Jinsei Fansubs was created on a whim by our two members. One hadn’t been fansubbing for a few months, but didn’t want to be forced into working on an airing show. This group, Jinsei Fansubs, is our way of working together.

For now, we’re working solely on BD/DVD projects. We may branch out in the future, but we will not be hiring any more staff to fill any positions. We are a completely closed group.

We would like to thank all raw groups for their services in encoding DVDs and BDs. We would also like to thank all groups who have completed subbing a TV version of any series we are considering working on. This greatly helps us, as neither of us have the necessary skills to be a translator or an encoder.


  • Calyrica – Editor, Timer, Karaoke, Typesetter
  • Maki – Transcriber, Encoder, QC

Thanks to Squiggy, the generous provider for our bot, [Jinsei]Reira. Without him, our torrents would seed at an initial speed of 80kb/s, which would really suck.

Special thanks to Dark_Sage and Sutai for helping us with distro when we were just getting started! You two were a great help and such good sports as we released an episode per day and bugged you constantly: “Make it seed!”


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