Nana is freelech at Animebytes!

As you know, our Nana torrents are mostly dead here due to lack of seeding capability on our part. However, if you’re a member of Animebytes, you may know that Nana is the Anime of the Fortnight. That means you can download our batch from an extremely well-seeded torrent, and it won’t count against your ratio!

You can grab it here if you have an account.

I do want to make note of something: everyone keeps citing the source of our subs, but not mentioning that we edited them. If you would do a side by side comparison of the scripts, you’ll see that there are severe changes in over half of the lines. Editing each episode was a major effort, so please don’t think that we just muxed the Ureshii scripts on Utsukushii’s encodes. We may have had daily releases for awhile, but a lot of work went into them!


Last Friends – Special Episode

There are new scenes!

Here’s 90 minutes of totally-not-recaps! I mean, there are some few scenes! Like 20 minutes worth!

I actually think they did a really good job with the special. For one, they finally resolved a few of the loose ends with some of the characters. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate that?

There’s totally another special titled “Eri, My Love”, but it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere on the interwebs, and plus, we don’t have a translation for it, so we’re totally skipping it. That is, unless someone decides to find a raw and script for us…

Maki did a great job with his last post acknowledging everyone, but I’d like to add one more thanks — to him! He came back after I rage-stalled the project due to no QC and fucking up the first release. You’re the best ever! Come out of your haitus soon!

As for me, I’m in every group that exists, so you’ll surely see my work somewhere! (Evetaku, FFF, UTW, SHiN-gx, Sekushi, Sage, Whine, GotWoot…)

[Jinsei] Last Friends – Special Episode (1280×720 h264 AAC) [5D0FCD60].mkv Torrent

Last Friends – Episode Nine

Because we’re a Western now!

I was this close of picking a picture of Takeru, but decided that I wanted to keep up with pictures of just the girls.

We’re heading towards the end now. Two more episodes, and then we’ll be done. However, we do have scripts for the special episode, just not a raw. We’ll do more searching when it’s time to work on it, but the reason why we decided to do this show in the first place is because 720p sources aren’t very common. In fact, it’s so rare, I haven’t even seen the special episode!

[Jinsei] Last Friends – 09 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [09C1C3C0].mkv Torrent

Last Friends – Episodes FIve and Six

Look at poor little indecisive Michiru!

As Maki promised, we have a double release for you today!

I have a summer class for the next five weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thus, I will only be able to release episodes on those two days. We’ll still work hard to get the episodes ready the rest of the week, though!

[Jinsei] Last Friends – 05 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [92AC3461].mkv Torrent
[Jinsei] Last Friends – 06 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [B3DFAC98].mkv Torrent

Last Friends – Episode Four

Maki wanted a picture with drama.

I am officially done with school! However, I have not seen Maki in about 24 hours. We’ll see when 5 gets out, but hopefully soon! We’re also setting up the framework for our next project. A good friend of mine from FFF, KmE, will step in to help with timing and typesetting because he really wants to see us do BDs for it. We’ve talked about this project before, but I’ll leave it up to your guesses for now!

[Jinsei] Last Friends – 04 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [EB8262A4].mkv Torrent

Last Friends – Episode One v3 and Episode Two

Everyone is happy!


Mayuyu came back under the name Maki to re-encode the series for me. He’s reduced the episode sizes by close to 50%, which was enough motivation to get me working on this. Also, he’s QCing. Thank you! ❤

[Jinsei] Last Friends – 01v3 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [EB4E07F1].mkv Torrent
[Jinsei] Last Friends – 02 (1280×720 h624 AAC) [07443EDA].mkv Torrent

Last Friends – Episode One v2

Caly is happy!~

v2 finally released.

Mayuyu’s still taking a haitus from fansubbing, but he’s allowing me to release solo fansub projects under the Jinsei name! I’ve decided to start with Last Friends, a J-drama that’s absolutely fantastic. The current releases out there are either 480p hardsub or standalone .ass files which I can’t even consider to be timed, nor in English. (I’ve used those .ass files as the base for these subs.)

I know we have a lot of Nana fans out there, as that’s our first series. One of the reasons why I picked Last Friends is because it is extremely similar to Nana. Both shows are about two women who, through a twist of fate, end up living together and supporting each other throughout their serious relationship issues. There are even complete character parallels:

Hachi –> Michiru
Nana –> Ruka
Takumi –> Sousuke
Shin –> Eri
Reira –> (someone whom we don’t see in this ep, so no spoilers)
Misato –> Takeru

Okay, so maybe some of this is a stretch, but it’s a just such a good show! It won awards in Japan and everything.

File size is huge, but it’s not my fault. I don’t encode, and I don’t have a good enough connection to, anyway. These are raws I found on the internet.

[Jinsei] Last Friends (1280×720 DivX) [9C7F8560].mkv Torrent

(No DDL because eps are over 1GB in size.)