Last Friends – Episode Three

Pasta is my favourite, too!

This week is finals week for me, but we’re still managing to get an episode out! In fact, progress is being made towards the next episode, but don’t expect it until Thursday at the very earliest.

[Jinsei] Last Friends – 03 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [12CD0C45].mkv Torrent


Last Friends – Episode One v3 and Episode Two

Everyone is happy!


Mayuyu came back under the name Maki to re-encode the series for me. He’s reduced the episode sizes by close to 50%, which was enough motivation to get me working on this. Also, he’s QCing. Thank you! ❤

[Jinsei] Last Friends – 01v3 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [EB4E07F1].mkv Torrent
[Jinsei] Last Friends – 02 (1280×720 h624 AAC) [07443EDA].mkv Torrent

Last Friends – Episode One v2

Caly is happy!~

v2 finally released.

Mayuyu’s still taking a haitus from fansubbing, but he’s allowing me to release solo fansub projects under the Jinsei name! I’ve decided to start with Last Friends, a J-drama that’s absolutely fantastic. The current releases out there are either 480p hardsub or standalone .ass files which I can’t even consider to be timed, nor in English. (I’ve used those .ass files as the base for these subs.)

I know we have a lot of Nana fans out there, as that’s our first series. One of the reasons why I picked Last Friends is because it is extremely similar to Nana. Both shows are about two women who, through a twist of fate, end up living together and supporting each other throughout their serious relationship issues. There are even complete character parallels:

Hachi –> Michiru
Nana –> Ruka
Takumi –> Sousuke
Shin –> Eri
Reira –> (someone whom we don’t see in this ep, so no spoilers)
Misato –> Takeru

Okay, so maybe some of this is a stretch, but it’s a just such a good show! It won awards in Japan and everything.

File size is huge, but it’s not my fault. I don’t encode, and I don’t have a good enough connection to, anyway. These are raws I found on the internet.

[Jinsei] Last Friends (1280×720 DivX) [9C7F8560].mkv Torrent

(No DDL because eps are over 1GB in size.)

NANA – Episode Forty-Seven (END)

What a ride.

So, it’s done. That brings an end to our first project at Jinsei, and man, what a project. From the initial enthusiasm and daily releases to sometimes struggling to get a release out within four days, it’s been a long journey for us. We’ve had disagreements (though very few) and we’ve had fun (lots of it). For me, it was a great opportunity to revisit a series I’ve always loved, and one that’s rightfully acclaimed. This last episode packs as much of a punch as you’d expect, I knew what was going to happen beforehand and I still had a lump in my throat. Amazing stuff.

We’ve touched on the author of Nana in previous posts, one Yazawa Ai. You may notice that the anime feels a little unfinished, and you have questions regarding what happens next, which characters did what and why. Well, join the masses. The mangaka got ill and the story remains sadly unfinished. If you enjoyed her work this time round, some of her other works have been adapted into anime, look for Gokinjo Monogatari and Paradise Kiss. As for Nana itself, there are two live action movies in circulation. The Nobu actor really annoys the hell out of me but eh, you might enjoy it!

As for Caly and myself… I’m taking another hiatus from subbing due to time constraints. You can find Caly working for a handful of active subbing groups, she’s doing AKB0048 and Sword Art Online for Evetaku, Yuru Yuri 2 for SHiN-gx and Arcana Famiglia for Whine Subs. You can also find her lurking on the european servers of Forsaken World, doing her healing thing.

Last, and most certainly not least, it’s left for me to throw out some thanks to the people who made this project possible:
Utsukushii Raws, without whom there would never have been a project.

Ureshii (and more specifically Collectr) for allowing us use of their scripts. Thanks also to IY-F & Oki for subbing the episodes Ureshii didn’t.

Dark Sage for letting us use his seedbox for the first few episodes.

Sutai for letting us use HIS distro for a few episodes after that.

The legend that is Squiggy for offering us a complete distro solution and asking nothing in return. He’s one of the good, good people.

And a thanks to the guys who left us comments and let us know when we’d derped regarding the CRCs, an error with Caly’s PC that remains a mystery to this very day.

Thanks for watching our releases.

[Jinsei] NANA – 47 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [77CBD739].mkv TorrentDDL

Batch 1-23
Batch 24-47

NANA – Episode Forty-Six

It soon became obvious why Yasu went bald.

We only have one episode more, and that will be Mayuyu’s release post. So I guess that means this is my pose to say thank you to everyone.

Picking Nana as our first project here at Jinsei was really ambitious, as a new two-person group, but I think we’ve succeeded in bringing you great subs to do this show justice. We had a lot stronger of a start than a finish, with daily releases for a few weeks, but unfortunately, real life got to be a bit demanding for us. But you’ve stuck by us and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the show!

[Jinsei] NANA – 46 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [F8D803D9].mkv TorrentDDL

NANA – Episode Forty-Two

Oh, here’s a release pic for you. Reira ❤

So I made a new account for my MMO and everything and I’m having so much fun playing two characters at once. It’s challenging and my PC hates me for it, but I feel like I’m getting so much done–

Oh, right, fansubbing. Well, here’s another episode for you! That’s something, right?

[Jinsei] NANA – 42 (DVD 720×480 h264 AC3) [5D5604C8].mkv TorrentDDL