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Nana – MALanidbDDLs
Episode 1 – 23
Episodes 24 – 47


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  1. I there, it is possible to share NANA R2J with me?
    I’ve already those:
    Nana (2006) – DVD 03 R2J.ISO
    Nana (2006) – DVD 04 R2J.ISO
    Nana (2006) – DVD 05 R2J.ISO
    Nana (2006) – DVD 08 R2J.ISO
    Nana (2006) – DVD 09 R2J.ISO
    Nana (2006) – DVD 14 R2J.ISO
    Nana (2006) – Special DVD 7.8 R2J.ISO

    But I wanted to complete my collection.

    Best Regards

    • To be honest, this was when the big DDL site purge was occurring, so I’m not even sure that the DDLs on the page even work. If you hop in our IRC chan, someone lurking in there might be able to help you out. I unfortunately don’t have the files anymore, nor do I have good enough internet to upload something as big as an episode of anime, let alone half a series!

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